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Credit and Debt Tips For 2017

Managing and building credit and debt can be one of the most important aspects to pay attention to in adult life. Many times, we are thrown into a life of debt management immediately after graduation from high school or college. Student loans might be the first interaction with debt, but our relationship with debt will Continue Reading

Ways To Reduce Credit Card Debt

Just about everyone who possesses a credit card is looking for a way to tone down that debt, and for good reason. The average credit card debt at the end of 2016 was just under $6,000 per household, with some being more or less depending on a variety of factors. Why Credit Card Debt Is Continue Reading

Paying Off Holiday Credit Card Debt

Using credit cards to make your holiday purchases may not be the wisest thing to do, yet on average, it adds nearly $1000 to the balance of many credit card holders. At an average interest rate of about 13.93%, that means you will pay an extra $350 for those purchases. Higher interest rates, of course, Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and Your Credit Score

Your credit score can have an impact on many different aspects of your life. It can impact your employment, living arrangement, and even your relationships. It is no surprise that for those dealing with debt related problems, credit score is often a concern. The difficulty in addressing impacts on your credit score is that everyone Continue Reading

Late Payments on Credit Card Debt

Late payments? Are you looking for direction on what to do about late payments on high interest credit card debt? If you are getting calls for late payments by your credit card company and threats to take you to court, you need to know your rights and how to deal with this situation. If you Continue Reading

When is the right time to file for Bankruptcy?

There is never a great time to file for bankruptcy, but if you are considering bankruptcy, it is time for you to consult an attorney and learn about your rights under bankruptcy protection. If you’ve ever asked yourself if bankruptcy might be the right solution for you, you would most likely benefit from a bankruptcy Continue Reading

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