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Tag Archives: credit report

Late Payments on Credit Card Debt

Late payments? Are you looking for direction on what to do about late payments on high interest credit card debt? If you are getting calls for late payments by your credit card company and threats to take you to court, you need to know your rights and how to deal with this situation. If you Continue Reading

Charge-offs and Bankruptcy

On credit reports, some unpaid debts may be noted as “Charged Off” by creditors. This means the the creditor has written this debt off of there books and considered it as bad debt. It does not mean that they cannot continue to collect on the debt. They may continue to contact you about the debt Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and Credit Scores

It is difficult to estimate exactly how much bankruptcy will affect credit scores because it depends on what is on your credit report and what your current credit score is. If your credit score is very high, you may experience more of an impact on your credit score than if your credit score is already Continue Reading

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