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Late Payments More Danger Than Bankruptcy

Generally, people spend their whole lives avoiding bankruptcy as a last resort. Bankruptcy is viewed as a public filing and has a stigma of shame behind it. Some people would rather continue to suffer through late payments on their accounts than face a real solution to the debt. A late payment can be very dangerous Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and Your Credit Score

Your credit score can have an impact on many different aspects of your life. It can impact your employment, living arrangement, and even your relationships. It is no surprise that for those dealing with debt related problems, credit score is often a concern. The difficulty in addressing impacts on your credit score is that everyone Continue Reading

Credit Repair After Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy can be the best way to begin repairing your credit. The first, most important part of repairing credit is to stop negative debt entries on your credit report. The only way to stop negative reports or marks on your credit report is to cure the debt and stop your creditors from reporting negatives Continue Reading

Charge-offs and Bankruptcy

On credit reports, some unpaid debts may be noted as “Charged Off” by creditors. This means the the creditor has written this debt off of there books and considered it as bad debt. It does not mean that they cannot continue to collect on the debt. They may continue to contact you about the debt Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and Retirement

When you are facing retirement, your sources of income become limited and you may be dependent on limited social security income along with your retirement savings. You’ve worked hard to earn your social security funds and your savings. Those funds need to last the rest of your life. If you still have a lot of Continue Reading

How Can Bankruptcy Help IMPROVE Your Credit Score?

When people think of bankruptcy and credit scores, the initial impression is that a bankruptcy will have a significant impact on your credit score. This is the most common perspective of a bankruptcy. If you have been late on payments and have an unmanageable amount of debt and payments, your credit score may have already Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and Credit Scores

It is difficult to estimate exactly how much bankruptcy will affect credit scores because it depends on what is on your credit report and what your current credit score is. If your credit score is very high, you may experience more of an impact on your credit score than if your credit score is already Continue Reading

Debt Consolidation vs. Bankruptcy

Many clients come to us after going through difficult experiences with debt consolidation companies. We’ve heard about a wide range of experiences from clients regarding debt consolidation companies. Most people will pay service fees anywhere from several hundred to a thousand dollars a month to “potentially” consolidate debt. The debts that they are unable to Continue Reading

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