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Removing a 2nd Loan or HELOC from Your Home Loan with a Bankruptcy

Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, if a debtor has more than one (1) mortgage on the home (or a 1st and 2nd loan), we may be able to discharge the second mortgage (or home equity line of credit) if the home is the primary residence and the first mortgage balance equals or exceeds the appraised value of the personal residence. You can keep and stay in your home throughout the Chapter 13 process. The second mortgage will be removed from the property at the successful completion of the Chapter 13 process. Please ask your bankruptcy attorney for more information.

Please keep in mind, we have successfully completed this type of activity for several clients in the past. This is not a speculative or theoretical activity. Our attorneys have hands-on experience with this situation and are able to help you if you are in need of this type of service.

Bankruptcy Law Professionals can be reached anytime at 855 257-7671. You can call us during office hours or even after hours to reach us by phone. Our phone lines are answered by real people, not answering services from overseas or resources outside of our office. We want to talk to you about your specific situation and we want to talk directly with you.

Our office in La Mirada is now taking appointments along with our offices in Tustin and Riverside. We look forward to hearing from you.

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