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ANNOUNCEMENT: $695 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy Law Professionals is now offering Chapter 7 services for a $695 attorney fee. Our $695 offering for Chapter 7 services is a flat rate to complete your Chapter 7 filing with an attorney fully represented through the course of the active bankruptcy until the discharge and closure of the file.

Our competitive pricing does not compromise our customer service level. We are well known for treating all of our clients with the respect and attention that you deserve. Although pricing for this type of legal service is important during difficult financial situations, pricing should not be your only important factor throughout this process. Pricing is only one factor of many that need to be considered. The right legal assistance can make the difference between a challenging process and a smooth process with no problems or issues to delay the discharge of debt. Make sure you are getting the service level that you need and also make sure that the price you pay includes everything you need to complete the process before you move forward. Our flat fee includes all attorney communication and having our attorney attend the court date (also known as the 341a meeting or meeting of creditors) with you. Make sure you have everything you need.

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