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Have You Lost Track of Your Debt?

Many consumers have multiple credit card balances and checking accounts. Some have past due rent from previous landlords, auto-deficiency debt after a repossession, payday loans from multiple companies. There are many types of unsecured debts to deal with, not to mention different collections companies that have been engaged to collect on your debts through various methods. After multiple years of piling up accounts and utilizing your credit opportunities, it can be easy to lose track of who your debts reside with, who the original debt began with, and what your balance is with each creditor. It can become very convoluted and confusing especially with the addition of late payment fees and attorney fees that are added on to your initial balances. Changing interest rates can add to the confusion.

A consumer bankruptcy Chapter 7 can resolve your issues with estimates on the accounts that are causing your distress. Don’t get overwhelmed with tracking down your creditors or balances before you speak with a bankruptcy attorney. A good bankruptcy law firm has methods to find your creditors and get accurate estimates of what your account balances are. There are several ways to go about finding your creditors. Credit reports from multiple bureaus can be utilized along with your old mail or your records. It is important to get your creditors into the schedules of your bankruptcy so that the bankruptcy court can send a notification to the creditors to give them their legal right to file a claim in bankruptcy court, but if you do not have a list of creditors, it should not stop you from seeing a bankruptcy attorney for a consultation because the capable law firms will be able to find your creditors and give you the solution you need to eliminate your debts.

Bankruptcy Law Professionals is a bankruptcy law firm with offices in Orange County and Riverside, CA, to service your bankruptcy needs. Please contact us at 855 257-7671 to schedule a phone or in-person consultation with our attorneys.

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