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How to Pay for Bankruptcy Services on a Low Budget

Filing for bankruptcy can sometimes be an additional financial problem on top of the debts that you already need to include in a bankruptcy. With many law firms charging upwards of $2000 or more for bankruptcy services, it may be difficult for some people to come up with the funds to file for bankruptcy if Continue Reading

How Much Credit Card Debt Do I Need to File Bankruptcy?

If you are asking yourself whether you have enough credit card debt to file for bankruptcy, now may be the right time for you to do it. Putting off a bankruptcy will only place you in a more and more urgent position to get your bankruptcy filed. There is no specific minimum amount of credit Continue Reading

Bankruptcy and Liquidation of Assets

It is very common for our clients to be concerned about how their current assets would be affected by filing for bankruptcy. This may be the number one reason for hesitation towards filing for bankruptcy. It is important to know, when considering bankruptcy, that bankruptcy has exemptions that will protect assets you currently own. If Continue Reading

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