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Bankruptcy and Short Sale

If you are in the process of a short sale, a bankruptcy may be the next step after your short sale to shore up all of your debt and help your credit improve. Today, a short sale seems commonplace among the Riverside and Orange County areas. Southern California has taken a significant impact from the Continue Reading

Update on Orange County Bankruptcy Attorneys

In this competitive environment for Orange County Bankruptcy Attorneys, Bankruptcy Law Professionals has seen competitors come and go. There are always new law firms in Orange County, looking to see if they can enter the bankruptcy market. We have seen many companies come up with similar business names like California Bankruptcy Professionals or Bankruptcy Attorney Continue Reading

Bankruptcy Represented by an Attorney

If you are under the impression that there is some faster, cheaper, and more effective way of filing a bankruptcy than being represented by an attorney, you might have a surprise coming. The best way to file for bankruptcy is to be represented by an attorney. Attorney representation, in the long run, will definitely cost Continue Reading

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