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2012 Federal and State Income Tax and Bankruptcy

Each year during tax season, potential clients are always curious to know about federal and state income tax filings and how they will relate to a bankruptcy. Some may find it difficult to manage income tax and other personal financial matters such as bankruptcy all at the same time, but with the assistance of our Riverside bankruptcy attorneys or Orange County bankruptcy attorneys, we can help you through your situation. If you are in need of bankruptcy protection to protect assets, stop a foreclosure, stop a wage garnishment, stop a bank account levy, or to stop a judgement lien, keep in mind that you can file for bankruptcy even if you have not filed current or past years’ income tax filings.

Bankruptcy does not always force you to file your income taxes in order to complete a bankruptcy filing through to discharge. In our experience, it is fairly rare to see a bankruptcy trustee require a bankruptcy client of ours to file your tax return. It is only in very specific conditions which we can review for you during a consult with our attorneys in Riverside or Orange County. If you have the proper law firm to work with which has a wealth of experience in your local court system, you should know if there are any risks to your tax return before you file for bankruptcy. We like to utilize our free consultation as a good way to determine whether bankruptcy would be a good fit for you or not.

Many clients would like to know if tax debt can be discharged in bankruptcy and many of our clients have told us that other law firms had informed them that bankruptcy cannot discharge income tax debt. Bankruptcy Law Professionals has successfully discharged income tax debt for several of our clients and we can do so for you also. Do not let any law firm tell you that all income tax debt or all government debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. If a law firm assumes that all government debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy without spending some time to look at your situation, it would be safe to say that the law firm that tells you this may not be the best one to work with for your situation. Bankruptcy Law Professionals will take the time to look through your situation and tell you the debts that you will be able to eliminate in bankruptcy before you spend a penny on our services.

So, is bankruptcy a good solution for income tax debt? At Bankruptcy Law Professionals, we CAN help you discharge income tax debt if your meet the proper criteria.

Bankruptcy Law Professionals continues to provide high quality bankruptcy services in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcies with our Riverside bankruptcy attorneys and Orange County bankruptcy attorneys. If you are interested in an in-person or phone consultation, please contact us at (855) 257-7671 to schedule an appointment. All of our initial consultations are conducted with an attorney and our initial consults are also FREE!

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