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Can Bankruptcy Make Your Life Happy Again?

Is It Possible To Say Bankruptcy Can Cause Happiness?

When you need to file a bankruptcy, there is nothing but positive affects from the actual bankruptcy filing. Maybe it could even make you happy. It is important to keep in mind that the bankruptcy is not the problem. Debt is the problem and bankruptcy is the solution. Bankruptcy is not a random event. You need to qualify for a bankruptcy in order to file it. So, when someone utilizes their right to file a bankruptcy, it is likely that only positive events will follow the bankruptcy filing. Let’s take a look at things that will happen in your day to day life that will change once a bankruptcy is filed.

  • Dependency on Credit Ends

You will no longer need to depend on credit to keep functioning through life on a day to day basis. You won’t need to charge up a credit card or get bank loans to pay other debts. This endless cycle of debt supported by debt can only end when you resolve all of the debt. A bankruptcy will get rid of all of the debt, all with one blow.

  • Your Cell Phone Gets Quieter

All the collections calls, creditor calls, debt negotiator calls… They all can end. If they continue to contact you while you are in bankruptcy, they are violating laws. Once they find out you filed bankruptcy, it is very likely that they won’t even want to waste time contacting you because they are well aware that you’ve dont the one thing that gets rid of the debt. Most will know better than to keep calling, but it is against FDCPA rules for them to keep calling anyway. If for some reason they do keep calling, keep a good record of when they called and let your attorney know.

  • Your Monthly Bills Get Smaller

You will no longer need to pay monthly payments on the debt that is getting discharged in the bankruptcy. All of the monthly payments can stop if the debt is getting discharged. Of course you will need to pay your utilities and everything else that needs to be maintained through the bankruptcy, but without the credit card payments, you will probably have an easier time handling other necessary bills.

  • No More Wage Garnishments or Bank Account Levies

You won’t have to worry about getting your paycheck money taken away from you. There is no longer a risk for your paycheck to be garnished due to a lawsuit or for your bank account to be levied from a judgment. When the bankruptcy is filed, the risk for collection activities is completely eliminated.

  • You Can Start To Budget

Now that your money is only going to necessary payments rather than debt payments, you can actually start to plan for the future. Budgeting is often something overlooked when you have income that covers your needs, but now you can start planning for emergencies and future expenses.

  • Life Continues As Normal

One thing to keep in mind when you file a bankruptcy is that your day to day life outside of your financial changes can continue as normal. You won’t have any label on you saying you filed for bankruptcy. You can go about your day to day life with no changes except you can stop worrying about debt.

You Have The Right To File Bankruptcy – You Have The Right To Be Happy Again

Don’t let the stigma of bankruptcy allow you to hesitate from checking your options. If you qualify for a bankruptcy, seriously consider it as an option because you have the right to use bankruptcy to your advantage and you have the right to happiness. If bankruptcy is the path you need to take, contact Bankruptcy Law Professionals at 855 257-7671 for a free consultation.

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