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Bankruptcy and Eviction

Bankruptcy Law Professionals can help you manage your eviction process with bankruptcy protection. Bankruptcy protection is a powerful tool to help you get control of a situation that is unpredictable. A foreclosure can leave you in an unsettling position where you are unsure of how long you will be in your home and how much time you have to move. Our experience in helping people manage the eviction process through bankruptcy protection can help you in two ways:
1. Protect you from being forced out of your home without enough time to move
2. Relieve you of past due debt

The nightmare of a foreclosure will eventually lead to eviction if the old owner or occupant does not sign a release of the property. A bankruptcy will provide bankruptcy protection against the eviction while in an active bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy infers that you do not have the means to pay your debts along with your normal living expenses. The protection provided by bankruptcy will stop any activity from creditors or other entities that can put you in a worse off situation. A bankruptcy will stop collections activities like wage garnishments and bank levies, and it also halts evictions. Eventually, when the bankruptcy process is over, you will need to face the eviction, but you will be much better prepared to do so. With your debts under control and a few extra months to plan around a move date which you are comfortable with, your eviction will be much more manageable and predictable. You will not have to lose sleep everyday waiting for the authorities to come to your home to evict you.

As many people have faced the challenges of foreclosure, many have also incurred massive amounts of debt during the recession while trying to pay a mortgage and keep up with various other living expenses. Some families resorted to creating more debt to keep themselves afloat in times of unemployment or reduced income. You can take control and manage your debt with Bankruptcy Law Professionals.

If you would like to make an appointment for an in-person or phone consultation with our Riverside bankruptcy attorneys or Orange County bankruptcy attorneys, please contact our office at (855) 257-7671.

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