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Have You Been Told That You Do Not Qualify For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Do You Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

If you have been told by other inexperienced firms or attorneys that you do not qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy because you make too much money, call Bankruptcy Law Pros to check again. You may still be able to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy by closer investigation of your income and expenses.

Many of our current clients are people who were mistakenly evaluated as unable to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy due to a lack of experience with bankruptcy code and local court systems. If you feel like the attorney or law firm who last evaluated you may have provided you with a questionable evaluation of your situation and were turned down on filing a bankruptcy, let Bankruptcy Law Professionals re-evaluate your situation for free. Bankruptcy Law Professionals has over a decade of experience working with Los Angeles, Orange County, and Inland Empire bankruptcy courts. We know what it takes to qualify and get your debt discharged and we know that there are many ways to qualify for bankruptcy.

How Can We Qualify You For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Previous clients who have been told that they do not qualify for bankruptcy call us and discover that they were able to qualify through less commonly known methods of qualifying for bankruptcy. Here are some examples:

  • Non-Consumer Debt Chapter 7: This is a less common type of bankruptcy where you can qualify due to business debt with a non-consumer debt chapter 7.
  • Chapter 7 Means Test: Although you may have income outside of the median income levels for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may still be eligible via means test qualification.
  • Other Types of Bankruptcy: Some individuals who do not qualify for Chapter 7 may be eligible for Chapter 13 if income qualifications are met
  • Changes in Your Situation: Since your last evaluation for bankruptcy, maybe your situation has changed such as a change in income or a new number of dependents in your household or a spouse who has passed away. Many factors can change your ability to qualify for bankruptcy.

The fact is, not all bankruptcy attorneys have the same knowledge and experience to be able to help you. The expertise of the attorneys at Bankruptcy Law Pros surpasses our competitors who are new to the bankruptcy practice area. There are many different ways to qualify for bankruptcy. Only an expert in the field will be able to search through the various methods to find the best one for your situation.

If you would like to check with us to see if you qualify for bankruptcy, contact Bankruptcy Law Professionals at 855.BK.PROS1 or 855-257-7671.

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