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Stop Wage Garnishment!

How Do Wage Garnishments Happen?

A wage garnishment is a result of a judgment in court.  Garnishments are a collection activity initiated by your creditor who has gained the right to garnish your wages via a judgment in court for a past due debt.  Before a wage garnishment can be executed, the creditor must get a judgment in court to proceed.  The garnishment will take a percentage of your wages to be paid to the your creditor instead of you.  Wage garnishments can deduct funds over multiple pay-periods until the debt amount is paid.  Since the wage garnishment involves distribution of earned funds from your employer, your employer will also be notified about the wage garnishment to help organize the distribution of your earnings.

How Can You Stop A Wage Garnishment?

A wage garnishment will cease when the debt is paid in full or stopped through a bankruptcy filing.  When you file a bankruptcy, you automatically receive bankruptcy protection which completely protects you from all collection activities including wage garnishments, bank account levies, and foreclosure.  A bankruptcy filing can eliminate the underlying unsecured debt that is the cause of the wage garnishment.  When you file the bankruptcy with Bankruptcy Law Professionals, we will notify the collecting party (creditor), your employer, and any authorities that are involved in the wage garnishment that the bankruptcy has been filed.  All the parties will be made aware that further collection via wage garnishment cannot proceed due to bankruptcy protection.  Following the notification of the bankruptcy filing, the debt can be eliminated in the bankruptcy, thus eliminating the risk for further wage garnishment after the conclusion of the bankruptcy.

How To Get Started?

You can begin the process of stopping your wage garnishment by contact Bankruptcy Law Professionals.  We have extensive experience in dealing with stopping wage garnishments and we will leverage all of our experience to help you.


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