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Stop Wage Garnishment and Bank Levies

Are you facing wage garnishments or bank levies due to a judgment from past due debt? Bankruptcy Law Pros has helped many clients stop or avoid wage garnishments and bank levies. Bankruptcy protection will freeze any wage garnishment and bank levy activity in its tracks. Whether a garnishment or levy has already started or is coming in the future, a bankruptcy filing can stop a wage garnishment or bank account levy from taking place.

Do not waste any more of your hard earned money being taken away from you to pay off old debts, fees, and penalties. Call Bankruptcy Law Pros to speak directly with an attorney who will explain all the steps to filing a bankruptcy and elimination all collections activities.

Bankruptcy Law Pros has experience with all the steps necessary to help you stop a wage garnishment or bank levy, and, best of all, we will stop your wage garnishment or bank levy with NO EXTRA CHARGES.

Bankruptcy Law Professionals has offices to serve you in Orange County and the Inland Empire.

For a free and confidential consultation with a Bankruptcy Attorney, call 855.BK.PROS1 OR 855-257-7671

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